Reconditioning the Body to New Mind (CD) - Joe Dispenza

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Most of us have been conditioned to believe that we need a reason to be happy, a reason for joy, a reason to feel gratitude, we are waiting for something outside of us to change how we feel inside of us. This is the cause and effect Newtonian Model of Thinking. The Quantum Model of Reality and this meditation are about "causing" an effect. So much of our body lives emotionally in the past. But if teach your body emotionally what health, abundance, and genius is, you will begin to signal new genes in new ways. During this meditation, you will learn how to create what you want, begin to signal new genes in new ways - according to the Epigenetic Model where a library or potentials exist for you to choose from, and then learn to let it go and let the experience show up in your life in a way that's right for you!Track 1: Introduction 5:26Track 2: Breath 7:38Track 3: Meditation 45:48Total Run Time: 58.9 minutesBreath Music "Ignite the Heart" and Meditation Music "Ambiology 1: The Heart" by Barry Goldstein.


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  • : Encephalon, LLC
  • : encephalon
  • : 9780991434879
  • : October 2014
  • : audio